Busy Bee building a new hive.

I apparently have been busy since July. Because I've not even remembered to update this...but because I am at the moment particularly proud of the way my projects are going, it's time.

Mostly, I wanted to post a poem that I wrote the other day in class, that I really enjoy reading, and feel quite satisfied with at the moment:


It’s raining.

Falling rockets in a midnight blue

I just bought these shoes, damn it.

My brand new moccasins

With their fringed ankles and leather bows

We set them on fire,

And mourned there demise

We never saw it coming,

The rockets rain

Sparks zipping through the air

We never saw it coming

We watched in awe as the


drifted around us

I’ll never forget those shoes,

We burned them

In a fiery pit

In the backyard

Of a stranger

I do not know why

We deemed it necessary to burn those shoes

Golden moccasin flames

Drifting up

in rockets rain.

It’s early dawn,

On the morning of the rain

Smoke and haze envelop the dewy blades

They are only charred remains

I know, I know, poetry right? Well turns out I really love that class.

I'm also currently working on my portfolio, which I'm feeling quite proud of, but am not quite prepared to post as of right now, I'm getting feed back on it next week, and depending on how that goes, I might just post it.

I'm also working on a concept for the city of Detroit, mainly the Michigan Central Station..it's based of Marcel Duchamps Guest + Host = Ghost project..in which Marcel wrapped candies in wrappers where he had Guest + Host = Ghost printed.....
My concept, is based on a series of words, but mostly I'm basing it off the idea of Detroit, and it's ghost town appearance, I'm using the words disembodiment, transparent, x ray and orb as a few of my inspiration.

Promise to post more when I have longer than 5 minutes. (When, and if that ever happens)


I just found out a sold a piece I created a few months ago! I'm very excited because honestly, I thought it had been stolen. I had submitted it to the student show, and priced it at $90, when I went back to pick up my work it was gone! No one had called me to tell me it had sold or anything! Next thing I knew I got a check in the mail for $90 from the SEO. AMAZING! Much better than what I thought had happened!

Well: Here's the piece I sold!


Summer only leads to Fall

I'm posting my fall schedule, and can not wait for fall to be here! I'm excited about my classes, and moving into my apartment!

I'm also hoping to get this job at the Crepe Shop inside the building. I love the place, and the owner's a really cool chick! So hopefully I'll land this job! It would certainly make life easier for my senior year of CCS! SENIOR YEAR!

I've finally made it!

Summer's been interesting, and not nearly as productive as I'd like thus far. I've been working when I get the chance, but between my job, and all the other random things that have popped up I haven't gotten very far.

I've got quite a bit done for my portfolio, but still am not ready to present it to anyone. I'm really happy with how some of the pages have turned out, and once I get everything finalized and tweaked I'll be ready to put it in presentation form!

So that's where that is.

I'm also making my own duvet cover for my bed, sewing a few shirts and two skirts, working on my sketching skills and soaking up the sun!

I've ridden my bike everyday now for well over a month! And I'm getting great results! I feel better, I look better and I'm happier! It's such a nice relaxing thing to do! Today I rode 10 miles with my brother and then went to the gym with my mom for swimming. All in all it's been good.

And since my laptop doesn't have internet at this point, you won't be seeing any recent work, but as soon as I get it all set I'll be doing a mass upload.

Until then!

My Fall Classes:
Business Practices (This is a senior studio class for interiors)
Site Specific Casting
Senior Studio

More to come soon!


Coroflot + Portfolio days.

Okay, I'm doing this quick little update, just for updates sake. I'm working on a lot right now, mostly my portfolio, both online and hard copy, trying to come up with a clever way to construct the physical version as well as an intriguing online copy. But for now, here's my coroflot. I'm having issues with it. It's not uploading work right now, but as soon as they've got the issues worked out, I promise to post more work!


view my portfolio:


Hair Piece

Okay, after spending the day in Ann Arbor, looking at this lovely lovely hair piece I've wanted for some time, but couldn't bring myself to spend $25 on. I decided, what the heck, I can make this! It's just some feathers! And guess what, I did! And best part, it only cost me $10 and now I have tons of feathers glue, and hair pins if I ever decide to make something from those.
Here's the pictures of it! :D



Student Show + Matt Graduated?

Wow. I can't believe this, my younger brother just officially received his BFA Thursday night. I can hardly wait til I walk across the stage.

Congratulations Matt!

I also just want to throw out there, that this semester was my best academic semester so far! 3.49. I'm hoping they round so I can be an official member of the Dean's List at last!

I plan on wasting away my lazy summer days working on further developing my design skills, as well as the technical aspects. I've spent the beginning of my summer reading 101 things I learned in Architecture School, and A Manual of Construction Documentation. Woo hoo right?

Hopefully this will pay off and lead to wonderful work!

I also plan on visiting NeoCon if I can find the means to get to Chicago, and visiting some schools I'm considering for the ol' MFA.

But for now, I will continue to plug away at 3ds Max, After Effects and Dreamweaver. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll have an amazing website up and running! Wish me luck!

And finally, what your really here for:

Some work

This is the chair I created earlier in the semester. It's currently on auction at Art Van, but only for a few more days! Check out there site and bid! Starting bids are only a mere $50! Considerably cheap for a piece of art work!



So, It's been months since I've updated. Mostly because I've been busy and work, and partly because I've entirely forgotten I had the option.

I'll start at the beginning -
My courses this semester =
Lighting Design
Junior Interior Studio
3Ds Studio 2
Business Practices

For sculpture, I focused on using lighting in my projects....
The first project, SET.

During this summer, I plan on doing some site maintenance, so I'll add the concepts behind these pieces, as well as more photos of the works.

The second project, Artificial Light Source.

And my third and final project, Clustered.

Lighting Design:
The project for this course coincides with the final project for my studio course, which was an educational facility, I chose to create a fine arts school. In my lighting design, I wanted to keep the # of light fixtures to a minimum to eliminate the change in lighting temperature from classroom to studios. I wanted to keep in mind the effect the lighting temperature has on the student artists work.

I will add photos of this as soon as I have a internet connection to my other computer. Unfortunately, I have not yet added them to the desktop. I really need to invest in a external hard drive to make this easier. Currently using a 2GB flash drive, which no matter how much it sounds like, it does not seem to hold much.

And I'll end with next semester's classes =
Senior Interior Design Studio (FINALLY!)
Buisness Practices Seminar
Philosophy of the Arts
Poetry Writing Workshop
Site Specific Casting

Along with my schools move to a new building, we'll see how this semester goes.

And the most important update, I've chosen to continue my educational career and am currently exploring the different ideas of where I might go for my Masters degree, and what I will get it in. I've been told by my sculpture teacher to seriously consider Fine Arts, while another teacher has told me to continue in Interiors. Decisions Decisions.