I nearly forgot,

I re-photographed my Twig project, much nicer looking in the new photos, here's a few...

Blue Bird Loft

Obviously, these aren't done yet, but I wanted to post them, kind of give you a before and after effect, but I love them so far, and if I had the funds, and the time, I would build it, live in it, and never want to leave this place. You'd have to come visit me. :D

It's for my Auto Viz, 3ds Max studio, we were asked to design a loft, and basically had the freedom to design it anyway we wanted, and in any style, for any client. Needless to say, I'm very happy with the result so far.
Here's half the living room, there's hopefully going to be more to this, but with all my classes, and homework I've neglected to work on this, I'm not sure if I'll get to adding more.

Here's the second half, with a custom stair case, Rex Ray art, Anthropology style chair, and a sliding barn door.

Finally, and most importantly, the bed. Took me about three hours to create the frame for this thing, but I'm very happy with the result, I'm going to try and create a chandelier light fixture, but have been having some problems with doing so, so far.

-Other projects I'm working on-
Saab Car Dealership - The goal for my dealership is to create a gallery type space, where the cars are part of the art work, as well as a browsing area to simply see the car without the art. I included a lot of touch screen technology, and information booths for each car so customers will be able to get any facts they'd like.

Also, working on a 9 page paper, I'm writing it about How to Collect art, and the top three billionaire art collectors, we have to make a presentation to go along with this. Quite fun, needless to say. Ha.

And, finally, MoCad building study. Im working on a presentation, and trying to get all these laws straight. There are soooo many to remember, and there seem to be allowances for each thing that could completly change everything else in the space.