Busy Bee building a new hive.

I apparently have been busy since July. Because I've not even remembered to update this...but because I am at the moment particularly proud of the way my projects are going, it's time.

Mostly, I wanted to post a poem that I wrote the other day in class, that I really enjoy reading, and feel quite satisfied with at the moment:


It’s raining.

Falling rockets in a midnight blue

I just bought these shoes, damn it.

My brand new moccasins

With their fringed ankles and leather bows

We set them on fire,

And mourned there demise

We never saw it coming,

The rockets rain

Sparks zipping through the air

We never saw it coming

We watched in awe as the


drifted around us

I’ll never forget those shoes,

We burned them

In a fiery pit

In the backyard

Of a stranger

I do not know why

We deemed it necessary to burn those shoes

Golden moccasin flames

Drifting up

in rockets rain.

It’s early dawn,

On the morning of the rain

Smoke and haze envelop the dewy blades

They are only charred remains

I know, I know, poetry right? Well turns out I really love that class.

I'm also currently working on my portfolio, which I'm feeling quite proud of, but am not quite prepared to post as of right now, I'm getting feed back on it next week, and depending on how that goes, I might just post it.

I'm also working on a concept for the city of Detroit, mainly the Michigan Central Station..it's based of Marcel Duchamps Guest + Host = Ghost project..in which Marcel wrapped candies in wrappers where he had Guest + Host = Ghost printed.....
My concept, is based on a series of words, but mostly I'm basing it off the idea of Detroit, and it's ghost town appearance, I'm using the words disembodiment, transparent, x ray and orb as a few of my inspiration.

Promise to post more when I have longer than 5 minutes. (When, and if that ever happens)