Summer only leads to Fall

I'm posting my fall schedule, and can not wait for fall to be here! I'm excited about my classes, and moving into my apartment!

I'm also hoping to get this job at the Crepe Shop inside the building. I love the place, and the owner's a really cool chick! So hopefully I'll land this job! It would certainly make life easier for my senior year of CCS! SENIOR YEAR!

I've finally made it!

Summer's been interesting, and not nearly as productive as I'd like thus far. I've been working when I get the chance, but between my job, and all the other random things that have popped up I haven't gotten very far.

I've got quite a bit done for my portfolio, but still am not ready to present it to anyone. I'm really happy with how some of the pages have turned out, and once I get everything finalized and tweaked I'll be ready to put it in presentation form!

So that's where that is.

I'm also making my own duvet cover for my bed, sewing a few shirts and two skirts, working on my sketching skills and soaking up the sun!

I've ridden my bike everyday now for well over a month! And I'm getting great results! I feel better, I look better and I'm happier! It's such a nice relaxing thing to do! Today I rode 10 miles with my brother and then went to the gym with my mom for swimming. All in all it's been good.

And since my laptop doesn't have internet at this point, you won't be seeing any recent work, but as soon as I get it all set I'll be doing a mass upload.

Until then!

My Fall Classes:
Business Practices (This is a senior studio class for interiors)
Site Specific Casting
Senior Studio

More to come soon!