These are just some pretty raw images of my sketchbook. The only thing I fixed was orientation, landscape vs. portrait.

This is just something I doodled while watching the movie Only You. It's an attempt at remembering the movie. Hah.
Can you read it?Hah. This is something I doodled as an idea for my brothers birthday card I'm hopefully going to make him. We'll see how far I get with this.Okay. Just a basic quote, I liked it, so I wrote it down. Here it is.

I started out really hating this image, it's grown on me really. I'm not quite sure which orientation I'm happier with yet though.

Okay this ones just simple. It's self explanatory for the most part. I have 6 lamps in my living room currently. Yes, six. So I thought I'd draw some lighting. Because it still feels really dark in our living room.

.Robots. Are. Cool.

This is raw, but I think that's what I like about it.

This is probably my favorite thus far.

Oh dear.
So, everyone really likes this one, except me. I don't really like it at all at this point.

That's all I'm posting for now, because that's all I'm decently happy with at this point.
Also, it's a lot for me to post.

Patrick Dougherty project....

I go from one to another, this assignment, was inspired by Patrick Doughertys stick works. Which are pretty marvelous really.
Check them out:

But, back to where this was headed, we were asked to create our own stick works.
I started out slowly, and finally came up with a cross, between the Arc de Triumph and a slinky.
What does that look like you ask?
It looks something like this:

It's made of Industrial foam, and Willow Tree Branches.

I'm going to be adding more in a bit, my computer is currently not cooperating.


Sleepless Night

While trying to find some sort of sleep state, I worked on my Digital 3D Max Assignment for my Interior Modeling & Animation Studio. I previously posted a piece I created during the first session, and finally came up with something of a solid idea. I really enjoyed this piece by Wassily Kandinsky....So I decided to take inspiration from his work, and turn it into a 3d Max piece for my own work. I tried to use most of the colors that struck me in this piece and mimic some of the shapes, but I feel I gave it my own interpretation as well...
Hopefully my instructor will see where I was going with this as well.

So there's what I have so far, it'll probably change before it's all said and done. And hopefully I'll update this and post the final pieces.


Off to a....start?

Well, classes have started...for all of you who didn't notice.
Moved into my new place, which is absolutely gorgeous.
And I've already accumulated a pile of homework...which should be interesting, since I've only been to three of the five courses I'm taking...

But, I thought I'd update and put my first Auto Viz, or as it is now called Max 3d work up here, we were assigned to create a digital Kandinsky...

I thought it was quite fun really!