I nearly forgot,

I re-photographed my Twig project, much nicer looking in the new photos, here's a few...

Blue Bird Loft

Obviously, these aren't done yet, but I wanted to post them, kind of give you a before and after effect, but I love them so far, and if I had the funds, and the time, I would build it, live in it, and never want to leave this place. You'd have to come visit me. :D

It's for my Auto Viz, 3ds Max studio, we were asked to design a loft, and basically had the freedom to design it anyway we wanted, and in any style, for any client. Needless to say, I'm very happy with the result so far.
Here's half the living room, there's hopefully going to be more to this, but with all my classes, and homework I've neglected to work on this, I'm not sure if I'll get to adding more.

Here's the second half, with a custom stair case, Rex Ray art, Anthropology style chair, and a sliding barn door.

Finally, and most importantly, the bed. Took me about three hours to create the frame for this thing, but I'm very happy with the result, I'm going to try and create a chandelier light fixture, but have been having some problems with doing so, so far.

-Other projects I'm working on-
Saab Car Dealership - The goal for my dealership is to create a gallery type space, where the cars are part of the art work, as well as a browsing area to simply see the car without the art. I included a lot of touch screen technology, and information booths for each car so customers will be able to get any facts they'd like.

Also, working on a 9 page paper, I'm writing it about How to Collect art, and the top three billionaire art collectors, we have to make a presentation to go along with this. Quite fun, needless to say. Ha.

And, finally, MoCad building study. Im working on a presentation, and trying to get all these laws straight. There are soooo many to remember, and there seem to be allowances for each thing that could completly change everything else in the space.


A quick little update

Here's what I've been working on so far this week :
It was a tree, my room mate was using for a Design project, but when she decided to use a different wood, I decided it would be fun to paint it. This is what I've come up with.

This is a space I've created in my AutoViz class, I've got a few older pieces I've created in it also, but those will come at a later time. This pieces focus is wallpaper, we were asked to create our own wallpaper and use it in an interior setting.

I should.

Probably should update this sometime soon. Just trying to keep up on my work right now. But promise, as soon as I have 5 minutes, this will get updated.

5 minutes would be good.



These are just some pretty raw images of my sketchbook. The only thing I fixed was orientation, landscape vs. portrait.

This is just something I doodled while watching the movie Only You. It's an attempt at remembering the movie. Hah.
Can you read it?Hah. This is something I doodled as an idea for my brothers birthday card I'm hopefully going to make him. We'll see how far I get with this.Okay. Just a basic quote, I liked it, so I wrote it down. Here it is.

I started out really hating this image, it's grown on me really. I'm not quite sure which orientation I'm happier with yet though.

Okay this ones just simple. It's self explanatory for the most part. I have 6 lamps in my living room currently. Yes, six. So I thought I'd draw some lighting. Because it still feels really dark in our living room.

.Robots. Are. Cool.

This is raw, but I think that's what I like about it.

This is probably my favorite thus far.

Oh dear.
So, everyone really likes this one, except me. I don't really like it at all at this point.

That's all I'm posting for now, because that's all I'm decently happy with at this point.
Also, it's a lot for me to post.

Patrick Dougherty project....

I go from one to another, this assignment, was inspired by Patrick Doughertys stick works. Which are pretty marvelous really.
Check them out:

But, back to where this was headed, we were asked to create our own stick works.
I started out slowly, and finally came up with a cross, between the Arc de Triumph and a slinky.
What does that look like you ask?
It looks something like this:

It's made of Industrial foam, and Willow Tree Branches.

I'm going to be adding more in a bit, my computer is currently not cooperating.


Sleepless Night

While trying to find some sort of sleep state, I worked on my Digital 3D Max Assignment for my Interior Modeling & Animation Studio. I previously posted a piece I created during the first session, and finally came up with something of a solid idea. I really enjoyed this piece by Wassily Kandinsky....So I decided to take inspiration from his work, and turn it into a 3d Max piece for my own work. I tried to use most of the colors that struck me in this piece and mimic some of the shapes, but I feel I gave it my own interpretation as well...
Hopefully my instructor will see where I was going with this as well.

So there's what I have so far, it'll probably change before it's all said and done. And hopefully I'll update this and post the final pieces.


Off to a....start?

Well, classes have started...for all of you who didn't notice.
Moved into my new place, which is absolutely gorgeous.
And I've already accumulated a pile of homework...which should be interesting, since I've only been to three of the five courses I'm taking...

But, I thought I'd update and put my first Auto Viz, or as it is now called Max 3d work up here, we were assigned to create a digital Kandinsky...

I thought it was quite fun really!


I'm a little slow, I know...

But here's something of an update.

Summer's keeping me busy.

But I finally got to my shoes...

I bought these white heels about a month ago, and have been scratching my brain trying to figure out what I wanted to put on them, I knew that there had to be something...and I wanted them to be unique. So I drew up a few ideas, and decided to go with two things that have influenced me greatly with my art work and life in general, and went with Nature, and Music. So, after drawing boom boxes, flowers, trees, i pods, and head phones, this is my solution, I can not decide if they should be on both shoes, so I left it on one for now, going to have to get some opinions on that, and I have yet to decide if I want to add more, but as of today, I am happy with the result, so I am going to leave them how they are.



I'm working on my first project of the year already....a presentation due the first day of classes, I'll have more on that later...for now, I must continue packing for moving day..


Slow Poke....

I know it's been a while.
I've just been trying to sort through some things lately, and have therefore not done much on the lines of art work....
but a little sketching, which i have no problem posting, but it's simply sketching and hasn't been taken any further so far. I'm finally starting to get a few ideas for my shoes. Which I will hopefully explain later, and show images along side the description, but for now, the sketching...
I'm trying to start a full color drawing in Illustrator/Photoshop, but this is something I've not really done yet as I've only thus far learned traditional art in the areas of drawing and painting, so we'll see how it goes, hopefully my AutoCad and previous classes in Illustration and Photoshop help me out a little, other than that, I'm on my own.
I'll post it if it's something I feel is satisfactory.
But for now, here's just some fun lettering I did/sketching.
Also, registered for my classes finally. I have quite a few English/Liberal Arts/Art History Courses, so I'm not quite sure how much work I'll have to post on here, but hopefully more Interior Design work, as this is my passion, and my goal after graduation.


Up North for a few days...

But I managed to get in some form of artistic en devour, so here's a few photos from the trip. There are more, but I have not added them all to my computer yet, so perhaps a later date?


Old work...

Since, I felt as if I didn't completely succeed at my goal of translating graffiti into a positive manner for design, I decided to give it another go. Second semester, we were told to pick out a designer, any fashion designer we wished. Which of course, led me to having to do quite a bit of research. I decided, to just go off instinct, and purchased a magazine in the schools bookstore during a break from class. Followed by meeting a friend in the Cafeteria and doing some browsing through the magazine, I asked which design he found most attractive of three I personally liked. He chose something that I saw potential in, and decided to run with. I decided to try and include something of the process of the making of the clothing, by introducing the hand flair the designer (Thakoon Panichgul) had incorporated into this particular dress, and created a flagship store around this singular shape and style. I have an even longer story to this particular design. Including the use of the shape to create custom furnishings and display racks, as well as columns, and fitting rooms. And a color scheme so minimalistic to draw your eyes even further to the design details. I have so much more in this project, perhaps one ambitious day, I will post all the information on the project.


An artsy craftsy adventure....

Todays art adventure, included making my own canned product...
I found a site, using Stumble! that showed how to make cans more gift-like. So here they are....a gift can. Inside are Peanut Butter M&M's or Regular M&M's depending on who which can is for. I think they are cute and a nice gift, that clearly took time to make (not to mention money? I didn't expect it to cost as much as it did, but since I didn't have the cans I had to buy canned fruit, and empty the cans-without wasting the fruit- and I also had to purchase special glue to re-glue the metal on the bottom, luckily my grandmother had the special can opener, which would have added up to $21...) But, they turned out nice, and I can't wait to see the faces of the people who will receive them!

Interior Design, Hotel Riot...

Here's a sample of some work from first semester, sophomore year at the College for Creative Studies. The project was to create a hotel for the city of Detroit, to attract new tourism to the city. My idea was to bring in elements the city already has, and maintain them in a positive manner, while introducing a few new ideas. The hotel features an indoor skate park, a concert hall, graffiti which guests would be allowed to be part of in specific areas, an artist gallery for showings of new works from local artists, a hookah bar, and cafe au bon pain. It was inspired by the Detroit Riots, and I wanted to take the idea of the movements and energy and refresh them into a more positive manner instead of violence. And, seeing as most see graffiti as vandalism and then link to violence, I thought it would be a nice way to introduce graffiti as an outlet, and something that is not necessarily violent, it can also be seen as art. I thought the energy of the skate park would create a movement, and understanding for further positive energy, following the idea that the exercise you get from the actually skateboarding releases endorphines leading to happier guests, and also introducing the "Zen Zone" with the Hookah bar, Gallery, and Cafe where guests can go and relax.

I have two binders of information, and countless ideas that could go further with this idea, so if you have any questions, send me an email.

Just for some fun....

I did this last night just for some fun! (And to make sure I still have some clue on how to use Illustrator)


Just another day....

Currently, working on some strange side projects, such as finding pop top lid cans, starting to weave something, not sure what it'll be quite yet, but it felt necessary to do. Working on a bit of a photo arrangement that's taken quite a bit of time due to my having to re-build my photo gallery because of a computer problem a few months ago....
And sickness is only weighing me down and causing me to stop working almost all together.
Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. 6am shifts are just to early.
For now, here's a continuation of some old projects.....


Just some insight...

I guess I couldn't help myself but try this personality quiz, and am shocked at the results...

Your personality type:

Quiet, reflective and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with. Extremely loyal. Adaptable and laid-back unless a strongly-held value is threatened. Usually talented writers. Mentally quick and able to see possibilities. Interested in understanding and helping people.

Careers that could fit you includes:

Writers, artists, counselors, social workers, English teachers, fine arts teachers, child care workers, clergy, missionaries, psychologists, psychiatrists, scientists, political activists, editors, education consultants, journalists, religious educators, social scientists.

So, this is the beginning of something I've never done...

I'm not a blogger, but I'm going to give it a shot.
Mostly, this will be used for my art work, and photography, which, none the less is art work. Perhaps a little up date here or there on other things going on in my life currently.

To begin with, it is summer, and I am out of school for the first time since my junior/senior year of high school in 2003. It's kind of strange, to have a whole summer. I've mostly been working and trying to keep busy and up to par with my work.

Doing a lot of research for design. I love finding all these new ideas and trying to see where they could lead to even further. I have not yet been motivated enough to paint since May however.

I'm currently studying Interior Design at the College for Creative Studies with a minor in Fine Arts. I really enjoy the relaxation I get from the Fine Arts work, I.E. the minor. It's something I never wanted to do as a career, more or less something I'm not sure I'd be motivated enough to do every day. Interior Design is something I'm fairly new to considering I didn't even realize it as an option until just before I began studying. I really enjoy it, and find myself more and more dedicated to it each day.

However, today was completely dedicated to family. And it was quite a day. Hopefully I'll be able to update this in some kind of decent time manor. We'll see how it all goes.

In the mean time, here are a few photos of previous years work...

I will eventually add more. It's something I intend on keeping up on as a personal measurement of achievements through the two years I have left at CCS and whatever life might bring me beyond...