The End of the Semester, and the start of another

So, fall semester ended, and since I spent a good chunk of my winter break re-designing, and constructing my parents kitchen, I haven't had the chance to update this in quite a while. But here I am updating finally, better late than never.

The end of the semester went very well minus a tough cold and losing my voice for a week and a half. My homework seemed to go smoothly and I feel the projects turned out pretty well.
I however, plan on finding some time this semester to re-render and fix a few things in my Saab project. As artists, we are never satisfied.

I'm most proud of my loft design, Blue Bird Lofts. I want to live in it forever. But, alas, first I must graduate and find a real job.

The overall goal of this design, was inspired by Anthropologie. I wanted to create a loft in a multiple season environment, and use colors that would fit throughout the year.

The loft pays close attention to architectural detail, but has a modern flair. I also wanted to include various artists.

I created a custom staircase leading up to the second floor loft space, where the bedroom and a library space are present. There is also an overhang area where I would personally put an easel and painting supplies, however I left the design open for each person to envision their own special items there.

The first floor features an open floor plan. The kitchen, bathroom, and living space are included in this area.

I chose to use Angela Adams Rugs, and Anthropologie fabrics throughout the loft. The bed is something I designed myself for this project. The wall behind the bed is shaped like (---). It houses a large book case on the opposite wall, and shelf space on the wall above the bed.

I used a lot of picture frames throughout, which is something inspired by Anthropologie. The bird cage hanging from the ceiling houses candles for a more romantic evening. The chairs are also inspired by Anthropologie. I found artwork on various websites.

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Anonymous said...

I know nothing about design. I like the Z-shaped side table with the red thingies on top. They way youo put it next to the red couch created a constant flow in the whole living room.

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