So, It's been months since I've updated. Mostly because I've been busy and work, and partly because I've entirely forgotten I had the option.

I'll start at the beginning -
My courses this semester =
Lighting Design
Junior Interior Studio
3Ds Studio 2
Business Practices

For sculpture, I focused on using lighting in my projects....
The first project, SET.

During this summer, I plan on doing some site maintenance, so I'll add the concepts behind these pieces, as well as more photos of the works.

The second project, Artificial Light Source.

And my third and final project, Clustered.

Lighting Design:
The project for this course coincides with the final project for my studio course, which was an educational facility, I chose to create a fine arts school. In my lighting design, I wanted to keep the # of light fixtures to a minimum to eliminate the change in lighting temperature from classroom to studios. I wanted to keep in mind the effect the lighting temperature has on the student artists work.

I will add photos of this as soon as I have a internet connection to my other computer. Unfortunately, I have not yet added them to the desktop. I really need to invest in a external hard drive to make this easier. Currently using a 2GB flash drive, which no matter how much it sounds like, it does not seem to hold much.

And I'll end with next semester's classes =
Senior Interior Design Studio (FINALLY!)
Buisness Practices Seminar
Philosophy of the Arts
Poetry Writing Workshop
Site Specific Casting

Along with my schools move to a new building, we'll see how this semester goes.

And the most important update, I've chosen to continue my educational career and am currently exploring the different ideas of where I might go for my Masters degree, and what I will get it in. I've been told by my sculpture teacher to seriously consider Fine Arts, while another teacher has told me to continue in Interiors. Decisions Decisions.

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