Student Show + Matt Graduated?

Wow. I can't believe this, my younger brother just officially received his BFA Thursday night. I can hardly wait til I walk across the stage.

Congratulations Matt!

I also just want to throw out there, that this semester was my best academic semester so far! 3.49. I'm hoping they round so I can be an official member of the Dean's List at last!

I plan on wasting away my lazy summer days working on further developing my design skills, as well as the technical aspects. I've spent the beginning of my summer reading 101 things I learned in Architecture School, and A Manual of Construction Documentation. Woo hoo right?

Hopefully this will pay off and lead to wonderful work!

I also plan on visiting NeoCon if I can find the means to get to Chicago, and visiting some schools I'm considering for the ol' MFA.

But for now, I will continue to plug away at 3ds Max, After Effects and Dreamweaver. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll have an amazing website up and running! Wish me luck!

And finally, what your really here for:

Some work

This is the chair I created earlier in the semester. It's currently on auction at Art Van, but only for a few more days! Check out there site and bid! Starting bids are only a mere $50! Considerably cheap for a piece of art work!

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