Interior Design, Hotel Riot...

Here's a sample of some work from first semester, sophomore year at the College for Creative Studies. The project was to create a hotel for the city of Detroit, to attract new tourism to the city. My idea was to bring in elements the city already has, and maintain them in a positive manner, while introducing a few new ideas. The hotel features an indoor skate park, a concert hall, graffiti which guests would be allowed to be part of in specific areas, an artist gallery for showings of new works from local artists, a hookah bar, and cafe au bon pain. It was inspired by the Detroit Riots, and I wanted to take the idea of the movements and energy and refresh them into a more positive manner instead of violence. And, seeing as most see graffiti as vandalism and then link to violence, I thought it would be a nice way to introduce graffiti as an outlet, and something that is not necessarily violent, it can also be seen as art. I thought the energy of the skate park would create a movement, and understanding for further positive energy, following the idea that the exercise you get from the actually skateboarding releases endorphines leading to happier guests, and also introducing the "Zen Zone" with the Hookah bar, Gallery, and Cafe where guests can go and relax.

I have two binders of information, and countless ideas that could go further with this idea, so if you have any questions, send me an email.

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