Old work...

Since, I felt as if I didn't completely succeed at my goal of translating graffiti into a positive manner for design, I decided to give it another go. Second semester, we were told to pick out a designer, any fashion designer we wished. Which of course, led me to having to do quite a bit of research. I decided, to just go off instinct, and purchased a magazine in the schools bookstore during a break from class. Followed by meeting a friend in the Cafeteria and doing some browsing through the magazine, I asked which design he found most attractive of three I personally liked. He chose something that I saw potential in, and decided to run with. I decided to try and include something of the process of the making of the clothing, by introducing the hand flair the designer (Thakoon Panichgul) had incorporated into this particular dress, and created a flagship store around this singular shape and style. I have an even longer story to this particular design. Including the use of the shape to create custom furnishings and display racks, as well as columns, and fitting rooms. And a color scheme so minimalistic to draw your eyes even further to the design details. I have so much more in this project, perhaps one ambitious day, I will post all the information on the project.

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